Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Our team is working to advance Virginia Tech’s undergraduate education profile.

Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Virginia Tech

Enhancing the undergraduate experience

We are helping students engage, innovate, and explore.

Academic Advising

We help coordinate and lead university-wide advising initiatives, including training opportunities and awards for academic advisors. We advise more than 2,000 students enrolled in the University Studies program, an exploratory major for students who have yet to declare a major within a college, and also serve as a central hub for advising on campus.

Advising serves a critical role for students, helping them find their best path for a rich undergraduate experience. Beyond meeting the requirements of a student's major and the general education curriculum, advisors find ways for students to push the boundaries of knowledge and support them in their quests to go beyond the limits, through courses and programs that emphasize experiential learning.

Students with a major already are assigned an advisor. Please contact your college for more information.

Academic Strategy and Policy

We support undergraduate education through overseeing strategic planning, predictive analytics, and policy development. The Office provides essential leadership and support to the data-assisted culture in Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) through conducting research, data analytics, assessment, program evalution, and policy analysis and development. Our work transforms institutional data and information into actionable intelligence for UAA decision-making and demonstration of campus impact.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning partners with faculty in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learner-centered instruction. We promote and recognize faculty teaching excellence, support and conduct research on teaching and learning, and advocate for learning environments that value educating the whole student.

Student Athlete Academic Support Services

We support student-athletes in balancing their academic and athletic demands. SAASS provides comprehensive academic support services such as tutoring, studying assistance, computing technology, and academic and individual skill development programs.

An Academic Counselor is assigned to each athletic team and takes the lead in coordinating the academic support efforts for each team member.

Student Success Initiatives

We are committed to student success, so that Virginia Tech not only recruits the best students, but retains and graduates them. A variety of offices and programs within our organization support this effort, through tutoring, mentoring, skills development, benefits processing, immersive programming for underrepresented students, and more.

Undergraduate Academic Integrity

We lead the University’s efforts to promote academic integrity as well as reduce and control academic dishonesty. The office seeks to foster an environment that promotes honor, integrity, fairness, personal responsibility.  

We help maintain and uphold the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Honor Code through assistance with case resolution and provides educational programs designed to prevent academic misconduct from occurring.   

Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Academic Affairs supports a variety of programs and offices that help enhance the undergraduate education experience of our students. These offices elevate high-impact practices in the classroom through pedagogical training for faculty that supports the development of innovative curricula and engaging experiences for students.

In particular, these programs support the guided experiential learning portion of the VT student, allowing opportunities for students to pursue interdisciplinary Pathways minors, engage in hands-on, minds-on undergraduate research, and integrating into the university and with its faculty.

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