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Rachel Holloway Rachel Holloway

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs 


Rachel Holloway leads the strategies, programs, and resources that support the undergraduate educational experience at Virginia Tech. In addition, she works closely with college deans, associate deans, and other vice provosts to coordinate strategic initiatives to advance Virginia Tech’s undergraduate education profile.

Holloway directly oversees areas that enhance the overall undergraduate experience such as academic support services, student success, University Studies, University Honors, First Year Experiences, undergraduate research, the Undergraduate Honor System, and the revision of the current Curriculum for Liberal Education.

Holloway has served on the faculty at Virginia Tech since 1989. She has progressed through academic administrative and leadership roles, having served as undergraduate program coordinator, assistant department head, and head of the Department of Communication. Prior to her current position, Holloway served as associate dean for undergraduate academic affairs in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.

Executive Assistant to Rachel Holloway
Staff Role Contact
Teresa Wright Executive Assistant to Rachel Holloway

(540) 231-4167

Administrator Role Contact
Alison Matthiessen Communications Coordinator

(540) 231-5682


Leadership Team and Support

Academic Support


Areas of Responsibility


Karen Eley Sanders Karen Eley Sanders


Karen Sanders

Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Director of Student Success

The Student Success Center (0276)
Femoyer, Room 110, Virginia Tech
280 Stanger Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Student Success Center
Administrator Role Contact
Jessica Grimes Director, Student Success Center

(540) 231-5499

Scholar Support
Administrator Role Contact
Mary Grace Campos Director, Scholar Support

(540) 231-5499

Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program
Administrator Role Contact
Jody Thompson Director, Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program

(540) 231-5023

Student Athlete Academic Support Services
Administrator Role Contact
Katie Cross Interim Director, Student Athlete Academic Support Services

(540) 231-2245

University Studies/University Academic Advising Center
Administrator Role Contact
Kimberly Smith Director, University Studies/University Academic Advising Center

(540) 231-8440


Undergraduate Education


Areas of Responsibility


Jill Sible Jill Sible

Jill Sible

Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Burruss Hall, Suite 104 (0717)
800 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA  24061

(540) 231-0372

Undergraduate Research
Administrator Role Contact
Keri Swaby Undergraduate Research Coordinator

(540) 231-7737

General Education
Administrator Role Contact
Stephen Biscotte General Education Coordinator

(540) 231-4451


University Honors Program


Areas of Responsibility


Christina McIntyre Christina McIntyre

Christina McIntyre

Interim Director of University Honors

Hillcrest Hall, Room 139 (0427)
385 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, VA  24061

(540) 231-4591

University Honors
Administrator Role Contact
Russell Shrader Senior Assistant Director

(540) 231-4591

Sara Taylor Assistant Director

(540) 231-4591

Amber Smith Assistant Director

(540) 231-4591

Presidential Global Scholars
Administrator Role Contact
Kimberly Carlson Assistant Director

(540) 231-1852


First Year Experiences/Academic Integrity


Areas of Responsibility


Mary Ann Lewis Mary Ann Lewis

Mary Ann Lewis

Assistant Provost for First Year Experiences

103 Hillcrest Hall (0914)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

(540) 231-3341


Academic Integrity
Administrator Role Contact
James Earl Orr Jr. Director, Undergraduate Honor System

(540) 231-9876

First Year Experiences/Common Book
Administrator Role Contact
Megan O'Neill Associate Director of First Year Experiences

(540) 231-7527